Much later

The last couple months been super busy for me, so I haven’t had much time to write. However, I’ve finished my French language classes for the semester so now I can finally play catch up with this little blog-thang.


For spring break this year I hopped on a plane to Porto, Portugal with 6 of my USAC gal pals. We spent about 3.5 days there and it’s definitely a place I’d love to revisit if I ever have the time. The people are really nice, the city is gorgeous, it’s relatively inexpensive, and majority of people know English and/or French. After we got situated in the (non-heated) house we stayed in, we took a little stroll around town. When we first arrived we noticed that there was some type of event going on, there were crowds of people in the downtown area just standing around but nothing was actually going on. By the time we went to explore we realized it was a giant protest. At the time I couldn’t tell you what it was about but when I got home I did a little research. The protest was caused by the fact that the state was cutting back on the benefits that the citizens were receiving from social security, because the country is pretty broke.

Something that I found interesting at the protest was the police presence. Normally when there are protests or large events (like NATO) in Chicago, you always can see an aggressive police force  on news coverage. When I saw the protest in Portugal, the sole purpose of the police force was to direct traffic. In fact, I would say the protest was more comparable to a parade rather than a protest. Maybe not. But there were marching bands, which to me says parade.

After our little big protest experience we had to venture out and try a traditional Portuguese sandwich. Literally the heaviest thing I have ever consumed–sausage,ham, beef, fried egg, cheese, and gravy.

2556 2557

It’s also recommended to accompany the sandwich with a beer. I then suffered from a food coma.

Following events included touring the city (gaw-geous), wine tasting, free wine from a Portuguese woman, sangria, and tile shopping. All in all it was a good quick vacation with some lovely ladies I’ve met here.

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