My petite run around Pau

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Being that one of my first posts was about food, I consequentially have started to gain weight. It’s difficult to exercise here without a good gym because it rains literally almost everyday. Luckily, this weekend was full of sunshine and only sunshine. My friends went skiing on Sunday, but I was (still am) pretty traumatized from my first skiing experience so I decided to stay in Pau. Since it was beautiful and I cooked/ate a lot of dinner with some friends the night before I literally had no reason not to go for a run. So thanks be to me getting out of bed and the amazing weather, you all can finally see some better pictures of Pau!

Beyond exercising, I’m nervously anticipating how incorporating healthy eating back into my regime will turn out. They don’t have all of the same foods here and they are definitely lacking in produce. Not to mention (again) my host mother is vegeterian, so when I buy meat products it’s a little more difficult because 1)I’m only buying for myself, 2)I like to eat it right away so she doesn’t get uncomfortable with all of the dead animal in her frigo, and 3) I don’t know how asking where a Ziploc container for my left over chicken will pan-out. But, like all good things in life it will be a challenge and I am starting it for the first time with a healthy mind and attitude. Alors, wish me luck! My goal for this week is to say no to desserts (yogurt and fruit don’t count because I am American and those are only desserts for the French).

While I’m on the topic of health and fitness, I just feel like I should put it out there that my BFF Syd was completely right when she told me that Europeans are “skinny, fat people.” Yes, they are thinner than us. No, they do not know what exercise is or how to do it correctly. It’s really frustrating because I’ve even signed up for yoga and it’s literally meditating with one basic sun salutation 3 times then more meditating. Aussi, les gyms don’t offer classes, don’t have a good weights section, and have like 4 cardio machines. And they are hella expensive (trying to incorporate “hella” into my vocab like my west coast friends). So I’m just gonna say, *YES there are really fat Americans. However, I truly believe an average American is more fit than an average European.


*This statement holds no validity and is a simple observation of an annoyed American


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