That time I tried skiing

So Pau is located very close to the Pyrénées Mountains. And it’s always been a suggestion to “profiter, essayer faire du ski” since I’ve arrived. I had never skied before in my life, but my friend assured me it was no big deal and they have bunny hills for a reason. So I said to myself, “self, you’ve never skied before and you have slight fear of heights, but you should probably just go skiing anyways.”

We got to the mountains by bus, which I wish I could say was great, but I definitely felt motion sickness and fear for my life the whole way driving up. Imagine a large bus taking tight turns on roads with no railing. Also add in some speed bumps. And the increasing altitude.

When we arrived we rented all our stuff and went out to hit the slopes. In case anyone was wondering, they “bunny hills” in the mountains are actually rather… ginormous? My friend Hailey also thought we should just dive right in and do it…so we did. Let’s just say I started off by falling off of the lift when it was time to get off, and couldn’t get up before the girl behind me body slammed me. Whoops. After that if you could picture someone falling down a mountain, that would be me. Also imagine this person being scared of heights, so after getting up from falling I’d stand there for a good five minutes to convince myself to try again.

All in all it was fun, and I’d like to actually learn to ski sometime, but it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. If I have time before the snow goes away I want to also go snow-shoe hiking in the mountains, or go sledding because they have that too!


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