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This weekend I went to the lovely city of Bordeaux! It was about a 3 hour bus ride there and a 2 hour TGV ride back, so not too far from where I am. But I loved it. It’s a lot bigger than Pau which was really nice, but nothing compared to the size of Paris.

I went to Bordeaux with my entire USAC program, so when we got there we split into groups and went on an hour walking tour of the town. It really has some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. Being the American that I am, I once again did not listen to the tour guide and just looked at stuff and took pictures the whole time (whoops).

After the walking tour we went to a restaurant called “Cassoulet” but we did not actually eat cassoulet. I had the duck and it was absolutely amazing. There was a layer of skin/fat on top and it was soaked in butter and perfect. Also came with a salad and potatoes which were top notch as well. Before I start describing dessert please let meĀ reiterate, I am a dessert fiend. Please do not pay attention to my passionate feelings toward this dessert.

If I ever truly fall in love, get married, have a good job, have kids, it would probably feel 3/4 as good as this dessert tasted. It was a little chocolate molten cake. Once again, fresh tasting. Plus a little whipped cream next to it. Plus salted caramel ice cream next to that. Plus a raspberry sauce on the plate. Literally amazing. I cannot stop thinking about it.

Anyways after we ate lunch three of the girls I’ve become good friends with and I went to check in at our hotel. On our way I also bought a bottle of Bordeaux because I was in Bordeaux (duh).We also found the Cathedral and toured it/took some pictures.

If you look at the slide show you will see that this is the tiniest room I have ever slept in. I mean, I knew it was the “budget” hotel but it was still the funniest thing I’ve encountered in a situation involving hotels. The room had a toilet, small shower (with no curtain/door) and a sink when you walked in, then a door which led to the full sized bed with a twin bunk. There was also an oversized shelf and cube on the floor, also referred to as a desk and chair.

After checking in we went to the rue St.Cathrine, which is a huge street where all of the shopping is. Right now in France, the soldes are happening. Instead of stores constantly having sales/clearance in France, they have les soldes for 6 weeks, twice a year. Everything gets even more marked down the further into it. I like les soldes.

Apres, we stopped at the store to pick up some bread, stinky cheese, pretzels, and nutella for dinner. We got back to the hotel, ate, drank our wine, and got ready pour le soir. We met up with some people from our program and headed out to the bar. It was really fun and a good experience in getting to know people better. When the bar closed we headed outside and while I was standing there a Frenchmen approached me.

He told me I was pretty and asked me for my numero de telephone and being the charming young lady I am, I responded “I don’t know my phone number.[in french]” Beyond the fact that I probably said this wrong, it sounds like a terrible excuse. Sadly, to this day I can only give people my number if I am sitting next to my computer OR if i have the handwritten address book my grandma gave me on hand. Luckily my buddy Hannah tried to tell him that it’s true, I really don’t know my number, but he was kinda sad. He asked if she knew my number but then my charm kept coming and I said “um…you’re from Bordeaux, and I’m not. [in english]” But even though i abandoned him after this point he still said enjoy france and good luck with my studies. Thanks Bordeaux man. When I got home I was bummed a little because I thought he was cute, but my friend (while hands deep in the nutella jar) informed me that he was “SO AVERAGE.”

The next day we left our hotel at noon in search of some nomage. We went to a little brasserie and had some pasta and pizza. ten minutes later we stopped for pastries. Ten minutes after that we stopped for ice cream. Half hour later, stopped for some coffee. But in all seriousness, we just toured the city and it was so beautiful. I really would like to visit there again.

Our train left Bordeaux around 6 and we were back in Pau at 8. Best weekend so far, it’s made me even more excited to travel everywhere else.


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