School Smarts

Hello all! Beyond being a lazy person I have no reason as to why I haven’t been writing, so here it goes!

Classes started about three weeks ago and it’s really different. All of my classes except for one are French language courses. It’s also block scheduling so I’m in class for 2-3 hours straight everyday. I have some five hour days, a seven hour day, and some 2-3 hours days when I’m lucky.

Honestly I thought it would suck having this much class, and sometimes I’d rather be sleeping or eating pastries or thinking about exercising, but it really isn’t bad. We don’t get much homework and if we do it’s not like…real? I guess saying it’s super easy/the teacher doesn’t really check to see if it’s done when you go over it would be a better way to explain. But grades here are more based on improvement and participation. What a joke, right? But interestingly enough I feel like my French has improved more in the month I’ve spent here so far, than in the 3 years I’ve taken French at Iowa. It’s pretttty nuts.

The intense schedule doesn’t last for very long either. Language-intensive classes end at the end of March, and until the end of April I just have one elective class.  At the end of March I will also be taking an international language-proficiency-type test. Basically I go into a test a certain level, and if I do well I can say I am this level of fluent in the French language. My teacher said the goal for my class was to be the B1 proficiency. I was hoping to test higher because to obtain (maybe pursue, I’m not sure) a masters in French you must have a B2 proficiency, and to be a translator you must have a Csomething proficiency. So more than likely, I will continue to study and take a higher test once I’m back in the states.

Not much else on the academic front, but if something remotely interesting occurs you know where to find it!


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