The time I got locked in a Castle.

In the tiny town of Pau, there is a castle! In fact, my host mother informed me that Pau used to only consist of the castle and three surrounding streets. Anyways, my friend Hailey and I went to go on a tour of the castle on one rainy Sunday.


The tour was in french, and as I’ve discovered over the years, I am the opposite of a history buff. French people love history. Love architecture. Love learning about castles. I prefer looking at these things. Therefore, Hailey and I took pictures the whole time and were the stragglers of the group, while the French all listened. Here are some castle pics.

001 177 070 037


So while I was busy being a(n) (awful) photographer, I heard a door slam towards the end of the tour. No voices. Nope, nothin. This wouldn’t have alarmed me if I hadn’t noticed the the tour guide locked all of the doors behind him on the tour. Sure enough the door was locked and we were trapped in a stairwell for a good 20 minutes. We were banging on the doors and windows, even tried googling the phone number. Finally a women smoking outside saw us, and let us out. It was the most hilarious/embarrassing thing that had happened to me thus far. But when we finally got out, I saw the view of the Pyrénées for the first time.




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