Mallory Meets an Irishmen

Every Wednesday, a little place called the Hoegaarden (I’m the only one who thinks this is funny) has a café des langues, where people who want to speak another language can go and meet others who want to do the same. So the original plan was to go to this and see how it was, and possibly stay for karaoke after. The café was okay, but many of the students weren’t French and/or wanted to speak English. My friends and I decided to go to another bar at this point. The bar was busy and my friend and I ended up talking to this Irishmen named Tommy. He works from some oil company in Kenya.

I don’t know why, but after talking with him for hours I feel extremely enlightened. We talked about music, politics, traditional Irish pub songs, his passport, his family, etc. We talked about politics for a long time and I was nervous before because he said he really likes Obama, and I though I might offend him. But it was just really sweet to see how another country views our politics and our country in general. It was interesting to see how much other countries in Europe “look up” to the United States. It made me less stressed/hostel about my feelings toward our country and what it going on with it.

Side note: I asked if Irish pub songs were real and instead of receiving a simple yes, Tommy sang us an Irish pub song. The next day I booked my trip to Ireland.


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