Mallory Eats Pastries

My second/third week here consisted of me on a nutella/pastry kick. I consumed a regular sized jar of nutella in eight days. By myself. Disturbing? Yes. Delicious? Also, yes. Repeatable? Not going to say no. The same week I also ate a pastry a day. Feelings towards it? Refer to nutella. I’m going to list/rank the ones I’ve tried thus far.

  1. Chocolatines. Basically a croissant with chocolate in the middle. Classic, wonderful, perfect.
  2. Chocolate eclair. Not like the ones at home with a cream filling. This one had straight up chocolate mousse in the middle. I cried tears of joy when it began, tears of sadness when it ended.
  3. I call it a chocolate panini. It’s a dough thing with chocolate in the center, which the patisserie grills together for you, like a panini.
  4. This one was basically a baguette-like thing with chocolate chips baked in and hunks of sugar on top. Nom.

Enjoy salivating for the next 10 minutes.


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