Je fais du jogging, je vois Versailles

So the first 4 days have gone non-stop but lemme tell you ’bout Paris:

Day 1: I made it to Paris a little after 8:00am and spent an hour running around the biggest airport I’ve ever been in trying to find Tayler. Physically sweating and avoiding beaucoup de scary men who kept asking me “Est-ce que tu veux le car,” translation: would you like to human trafficked by me? But eventually I found her and we were on the bus to Paris by 11:00. I justify our lunch being very french because we ate an entire baguette and probably 3/4 of a jar of paté…in addition to everything else. Jet lag was probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced but we had to keep ourselves awake so we went where all tourists go, the Eiffel Tower.Image


Day 2: Even though we set alarms our jet lag was so bad we accidentally slept until Francoise woke us up at 11:30am…you’re only in Paris so often, why not spend a day sleeping? But before heading off we had our first French breakfast, meaning another 2 baguettes and a ton of coffee and jelly and confiture du lait (I’m still not sure what it is, but it’s flipping wonderful) and butter. After, we ventured off to Notre Dame, Saint-Michel, the Latin Quarter, and Sorbonne where we had our first café experience. To say it was scary might be an understatement, it was for some reason the most nerve-wrecking thing I have done recently. We didn’t know if we were supposed to ask for menus or if they would stop by us or what, also we had difficulties reading the bill. BUT, when all was said and done I had my first croque monsieur (grilled cheese with ham but the cheese is on the outside) and my first legal glass of wine! C’était incroyable. Before the night ended we walked along the Sein and stopped at the Louvre.Image

Day 3:

Like all over-zealous americans, we wanted to do as much as possible even though jet lag sucks suckers. Alors, we started off by going to Versailles right when it opened. Versailles is probably the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Beyond its size and realizing it was built for people to live in, it’s so incredible to me that France has monuments like this. Even Notre Dame was celebrating 850 years of its standing. Can you name anything in America that is like that or will be that way? NO YOU CAN’T. And if you’re just touring the gardens, it’s free. That’s probably why we saw tons of joggers going in and out of the garden. Typical. The palace itself was amazing and something I’d really like to do before I leave is visit in the spring when there are flowers in the garden (ALSO HUGE). After that it was straight to Montmartre. I didn’t have anything particular I wanted to see there, just the giant hill leading into the center of town and all of the artistry I’ve learned about. It was pretty but not my type of crowd. People scared me and tried to make me things and sell them to me even though I kept saying no. By 5 we decided eating might be a good idea, so we went to Hippopatamus–a chain restaurant in the Montparnasse area. I got a steak and tried le tartane (raw ground beef with a raw egg yolk on top that you mix together) and it wasn’t bad. Food is so much different in france, it has amazed me everyday. Our final adventure was a boat tour along the Sein, it was so beautiful and perfect and I keep playing it on repeat in my head. Image


4 responses to “Je fais du jogging, je vois Versailles

  1. Monica

    Yay Mallory!! You made it and it sounds like your having a good time. Miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to you but glad you made a blog;) thanks for sharing the link …. I’m gonna be your blog stalker now since my life is not nearly as exciting as yours:) love ya Mal!

  2. Ellen Shroyer

    My stomach is growling after reading all these posts! So glad you’re having fun and experiencing Paris!

  3. Claire Mikulay

    I am obsessed with this blog!

  4. Lauren Winiecki

    Loving this Mal Pal!!! Wish I could be on this life changing adventure with you! Keep eating good ish for me 🙂

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